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PEBBLE Stool 02

A three-legged wooden stool that looks like the arrangement of rock to form a structure. This work was born from the skill and instinct of a master craftsman where designers give the artisan a chance to create works without a clear plan until becoming a piece that reflects the extreme woodwork craftsmanship. And the texture of the stool is not polished to be smooth. It is the intention of the designer who wants this piece to be able to express imperfections to reflect the work that was made by hand as much as possible. This will allow us to distinguish handicraft from industrial work.


w 362 x d 350 x h 450

Finishing Options


• Natural

Natural / Natural Light / Natural Dark

• Colour

Charcoal Black / Cloud Grey / Stone White / Soil Red / Rain Forest Green / River Blue

• Colour Rough

Charcoal Black / Cloud Grey / Stone White / Soil Red / Rain Forest Green / River Blue

Material Conditions

• Our products are mainly made of Solid Chamchuri Wood (known as Acacia, Raintree, or Monkey Pod) which is a living material.

• Each and every solid wooden product is absolutely unique and has different colors, shades, and grains.

​• Any cracks, knots, holes, or splits before or after sale represent a natural feature of true solid wood. They are not imperfections but rather been accepted as a characteristic of solid wood.

• The movements between each solid wood plank glued together to form the tabletop or furniture part might occur over time due to the different conditions of weather, environment, and humidity. It cannot represent a reason for claims.


Atelier 2+

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