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Chamchuri Pavilion

by Sher Maker

Sher maker presented a 30 sq.m. replica area that was pierced above the roof to bring light into the room and direct the viewer's eye to the outside sky. The exhibition room was placed under the shade of Raintree(chamchuri) that has long been linked to Moonler brand as the main raw material for their furniture. The design of this exhibition room has translated the meaning of nature to their core idea of Moonler brand, which has the audience to an observer in our contemplative space.

Salmon Bench

by o-d-a

The bench, called 'Salmon', was conceived from an idea we had to make a bench from one, big, single trunk without using any other material. We had been trying to explore a new path that we thought no one had ever gone down before. We later discovered that if the entire trunk was cut at a 45-degree diagonal, vertically, we would end up with two pieces of wood with a right triangular section. The pieces were put together, creating a bench with a buck wider seat. The other piece of wood of the same shape was flipped down to support the bench as its leg. The essence of the piece was derived from how the wood was sliced, which somehow reminds us of making sushi with the pattern of the wood being reminiscent of the pattern of sliced fish, hence, the name 'Salmon Bench'.

photo courtesy of Sher Maker


   MOONLER was established in 2008 by Phuwanat Damrongporn(an engineer by training) and Sarawut Sakthamcharoen(a visual artist) who are passionate in designing quality and stylish wooden furniture. 

We started off as a humble shop front and a modest workshop that handles large wood production and product distribution production. Within a short span of a few years, Moonler grew and expanded its production facilities and capabilities to its current premise of 4000 square metres that includes a wood workshop, metal workshop and a showroom all located within the Doi Saket district in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

Apart from this, Moonler has a showroom at Bypass Street in Phuket, Southern part of Thailand. Moonler is an expert in the design and manufacturing of wooden furniture using Chamchuri wood as the main material. We offer contemporary designed furniture with clean lines, natural styling and expert craftsmanship in the industrial craft way.

Our aim is to produce good quality furniture by exposing the outstanding of Chamchuri such as nice grain and colour but still keep the concept of natural beauty. And that makes Moonler became well known and recognized for its quality work in both domestic and international markets.

We at Moonler believe that our commitment to high quality manufacturing and dedicated service to our customer will contribute our future growth.

In 2018 - 10th years anniversary, Moonler was created the new concept begins by re-examining and reinterpreting past collections in order to inject fresh perspectives and explore possibilities with products that we are familiar with. Using the same materials, we aim to re-invent our products, weaving a new story that brings about the essence of materials in different aspects.


From the moon to the faraway universe, we offer an alternative viewpoint of furniture designs that is of timeless simplicity. Together with the meticulous skills of local artisans, Moonler creates both sculptural furniture and functional sculptures that are for indoor use - creations are characterized by timeless designs and quality materials that create a medley of emotions and ambience, which is translated from its creators to the consumers. 


Pare down to the essence, 
but don’t remove the poetry.


Armchair / w 572 x d 462 x h 765 (sh 450)


Armchair / w 592 x d 540 x h 750 (sh 430)


Stool / w 435 x d 300 x h 300


Bench / w 2100 x d 300 x h 350

Bua Cheen

Stool / w 430 x d 270 x h 450 • 630 • 760


Side Table / w 505 x d 352 x h 400


Low Table / w 1860 x d 700 x h 280


Table / w 2400 • 3000 x d 1000 x h 750


Side Table / w 300 x d 300 x h 300 • 350


Shelf / w 1790 x d 300 x h 1200


Shelf / w 2050 x d 450 x h 450 • 850 • 1250


Table / w 2000 • 2500 x d 750 x h 750


Floor Light / Ø 178 • 288 • 357 x h 750 • 1200 • 1500


Wall Installation / h 1250 x w 450 x d 50 


Lounge / h 795 x w 602 x d 700 (sh 400)