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STEP Stacking Stool Wins DEmark 2024: Celebrating Thai Craftsmanship and Modern Design

Demark 2024

The traditional art of wood carving known as "Chamchuri" (Monkey Pod) has been a longstanding cultural heritage of the Lanna region in Thailand. It represents an authentic facet of Thailand's heritage that has been passed down through the ages and continues to be celebrated today. However, this traditional craft has not evolved to meet the demands of modern times. Designers are interested in experimenting with this ancient skill and applying it to the international language of design.

The STEP stacking stool exemplifies this approach. It is a compact, stackable stool with rational and geometric shapes, softened by a slight curvature on the seat to ensure proper comfort when sitting. The same arch is repeated on the crosspiece under the seat, providing sturdiness, becoming an aesthetic detail, and acting as a guide to ensure stable and safe stacking. This transforms a pile of stools into a small domestic sculpture with abstract features.

STEP Stacking Stool Wins DEmark 2024 Award

STEP is made entirely by hand by Moonler, a Thai brand located in the woodland mountainous area of Doi Saket (Chiang Mai) that specializes in the highest quality craftsmanship of local Chamchuri wood.

Discover more about the award-winning STEP stacking stool and the timeless craft of Chamchuri wood carving, and how traditional Thai heritage meets modern design at the DEmark 2024 awards.

The STEP stacking stool's recognition at the DEmark 2024 awards highlights the importance of preserving traditional crafts while innovating for modern design needs. This award emphasizes the unique blend of cultural heritage and contemporary aesthetics achieved by the STEP stacking stool, making it a standout piece in today's design landscape.

Explore how the STEP stacking stool, a winner at the DEmark 2024 awards, continues to elevate Thai craftsmanship on the global stage.

Don't miss the DEmark Award 2024 Showcase at SIAM Paragon from 1-13 August 2024 to see the STEP stacking stool and other award-winning designs.


STEP stacking stool

w 580 x d 420 x h 416

Alberto Ghirardello


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