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PEBBLE stool received the Design Excellence Award 2023 (DEmark2023)


PEBBLE stool received the Design Excellence Award 2023 (DEmark2023) Chamchuri wood carving (Chamcha) is a traditional Lanna handicraft, which is a uniquely Thai way of life that has been passed down to the present. But this skill has not been extended to create works that meet the needs of the times. Designers, therefore, want to experiment with this ancient skill and apply it to the international design language. bring Chamchuri wooden furniture in Chaingmai to globalization.

It has the idea of using natural materials to create natural shapes to make people appreciate this simple beauty.

The Pebble Stool's exposed surface is carved by a chisel, a common tool traditionally used by Sala (northern Thai craftsmen), from the rough surface through repeated chiseling into the wood until the surface of the wood is smooth to the curve.

This is the essence that the designers want to honor the virtue of the creators in preserving the local wisdom that puts their heart and dedication into their work. To proudly present their value from a small community in the North to the world.


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