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Moonler and Thailand's BCG Heroes to be Displayed at Design London 2022

Thailand's BCG Heroes

Moonler, a Thai Wooden Furniture brand, and Thailand's BCG Heroes will be displayed at Design London 2022. The Thai Pavilion will highlight a selected group of 12 furniture and home décor designers from the 50 BCG Heroes campaign to introduce Thailand's Sustainability Heroes. The exhibition features some of the nation's most innovative and forward-thinking companies in conjunction with the launch of the ‘Thailand Be the ChanGe’ initiative by the Department of International Trade Promotion of the Royal Thai Government.

The selection includes household goods, furniture, and lifestyle items that combine innovation and craft, make use of recycled materials from both the natural and industrial worlds, and satisfy the growing demand for eco-friendly products worldwide.

All of the products in this project were created using the BCG approach (Bio-Circular-Green), a new business model dedicated to sustainability and the environment.


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