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Moonler Receives PM's Industry Award 2022 Outstanding Small and Medium Industry

PM's Industry Award 2022

Moonler Collection Co., Ltd., a Chiang Mai Wooden Furniture brand, has received the Prime Minister's Industry Award 2022 (PM's Industry Award 2022) for Outstanding Small and Medium Industry, Creative Product Development. The award is given to companies that excel in terms of quality, safety, energy efficiency, environmental protection, and social responsibility.

Moonler is known for its innovative and sustainable products, which are made from natural and renewable materials. The company's products have won numerous awards for their design and quality, and they are exported to all over the world.

The Prime Minister's Industry Award is the most prestigious industry award in Thailand. It is a recognition of Moonler's commitment to excellence and innovation, and it is a testament to the company's growing reputation as a leading Chiang Mai Wooden Furniture company.


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