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moonler receives PM’s Export Award 2022 "Best of the Best"

MOONLER COLLECTION CO., LTD. receives PM’s Export Award 2022 "Best of the Best"

The Prime Minister's Export Award 2022 (PM's EXPORT AWARD 2022), BEST OF THE BEST award was presented by the Department of International Trade Promotion of Thailand to commemorate the award's 30th anniversary and promote Thai businesses committed to developing the past, present, and future in order to inspire and drive toward a better future collectively. The private sector and relevant industry experts have selected 34 businesses. Operations in business, such as design development, innovation, and brand building, are in line with the context of the modern world. The BCG (Bioeconomy-Circular-Green Economy) awards the top performers in each industry and business size category and promotes business practices that support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Charmchuri Wood Whisperer, Crafted in Chiang Mai

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Tel: +66 81 791 9661

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