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Memories of Craftsman

Chapter 04

Author: Ratthee Phaisanchotsiri & Thinkk Studio

Photo: Ratthee Phaisanchotsiri

What is local? What is our history of seating? —San Na Meng is a journey to find out how societal pressure of the past shaped the way we sit today, from sitting on floors to sitting on seatings following the international trend. The latter is not the way we originally sit, and so what else could have been should we develop our own way of seating? Will the way we seated ourselves be decided by historians, academics, or designers, or should we let society build their own way of life? Let their instincts guide them in creating the necessities that had stem from their own environment, and convey their unique individualities, artifacts, places, through basic, everyday things. San Na Meng is the culmination of Moonler factory memories. The chair could be used at dinner gathering, or simply resting. It pays a nod to the mental image of reclining chairs abandoned in rice paddies, under trees, or by the lake that they used to relax and take a break from the reality of work. The nostalgic remembrance of a youthful past.

February 01, 2020

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