Panna   Mesa  I  Kena

PANNA table


The Panna table brings new perspectives to typical wood-slab tables. With wood slabs placed in the middle, creating wave-like patterns, the table presents itself as a new form of beauty.

PANNA Table l Moonler
PANNA Table l Moonler


*notes : the live edge plank is unique in each piece.

Material Options


Natural Light
(*thin coating)
Natural Dark
Rough Black


Matt Black

Wood Condition​s

• Our products are mainly made of Solid Chamchuri Wood (known as Acacia, Raintree, or Monkey Pod) which is a living material.


• Each and every solid wooden product is absolutely unique and has different colors, shades, and grains.

• Any cracks, knots, holes, or splits before or after sale represent a natural feature of true solid wood.

They are not imperfections but rather been accepted as a characteristic of solid wood.

• The movements between each solid wood plank glued together to form the tabletop or furniture part might occur over time due to the different conditions of weather, environment, and humidity. It cannot represent a reason for claims.