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Crafted in Chairng Mai


Moonler is a contemporary furniture designing brand, under Moonler Collection Co., Ltd., a renowned manufacturer and exporter of premium quality Chamchuri wood furniture. The company is situated in the woodland mountainous area of Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Thailand and was founded in 2008 by engineer Phuwanat Damrongporn and artist Sarawut Sakthamcharoen, who through their passion about the local craftsmanship have interpreted precious wisdom and presented it to the wider world.

Over a decade, a modest workshop with a handful of craft people has expanded into a much wider workspace with high-performance tools and machines dealing with heat treatment, woodwork, metal work, eco-friendly paintwork, and showrooms. Collaboration with local and international designers continues to enhance the furniture crafted by exceptional Thai craftspeople.

Based on the concept of “Timeless wisdom, to uplift your life and spirit”, we commit to promoting the local community’s occupations, wood crafting culture, and income. Through our work, the disappearing traditional crafts are restored and brought back to be a meaningful part of our daily life.


“The northern part of Thailand is home to highly skilled wood artisans, and an ample supply of indigenous Chamchuri wood with incomparable unique characters. Our long-term research has rendered us expertise in creating designs which bring the best out of this wood’s exceptional nature. We trust that the Thai manufacturing and designing standards are competitive with any in the world, and will definitely enhance the consumers’ quality of life.”

Phuwanat Damrongporn


Wisdom in Eastern Philosophy

Our concept is based on the interpretation of Eastern philosophy and lifestyle in the modern world. This is presented through our contemporary, industrial/crafted furniture designs.

Humility and an inclination to compromise are in the nature of Asian people, including Thais. The timeless wisdom encompassing spiritual heritage and beliefs, respect, and faith in nature, constitutes attitudes that represent our identity and way of life. The application of such wisdom results in designs that reflect our selves within. This is communicated to the world with modern design language, representing the convergence of the old and the new, with transcultural identity.

It is our inspiration to restore the intricate Asian aesthetics and living philosophy, which can only felt and understood by heart.

Wisdom in Eastern Philosophy

Chamchuri Wood & Local Craftsman

Thailand’s Chamchuri is known by the world as Acacia, Rain tree, or Monkey Pod trees. They are tropical plants which patterns and colors different from cold-climate trees. The wood has darker streaks interlocking with light brown color and has high moisture content. It is important to understand its nature well when handling.

Chamchuri Wood & Local Craftsman

In Thailand, Chamchuri trees are cultivated for commercial use. With their high skills and familiarity with the wood, Moonler’s craft people highly value the wood’s worthiness, hence, the attempt to minimize waste.

Prime-quality materials are crafted using both hand and machine tools, with intention to bring forth unparalleled-quality furniture to customers. In a way, this is how artists fill the empty canvas with meaningful arts. 

In the world where modern industry has strong influence in almost every aspects of life, recognizing our roots and identity makes our works an inseparable part of lifestyle, and will continue despite the test of time.

Sustainability for the Future

These days, sustainability is fundamental in design ethos. Sustainable designs are about social responsibility where the role of design is not only to manufacture meaningful products to satisfy customers, but also to create positive impacts to the Earth.

At Moonler, we value integrity and commitment to sustainability: transparency in sourcing of raw materials, manufacture that is conscious of minimizing wastes and air pollution, while improving craftsmen’s wellbeing. It is our mission to build trust among our staff, before extending to customers who share similar values. we will never lower our standards, but instead seek to improve and adjust to face the happening New Normal. We aim strongly to create positive impacts for the future of young generations.

Sustainability for the Future
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