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Chamchuri Pavilion

Chapter 02

Author: Sher Maker

Photo: Sher Maker & Piti Amraranga

Please take the time to relax and feel free to become an observer in our contemplative space, be considerate of internal phenomena of the relationship between Raintree shade and furniture inside the space. Sher Maker presented a 30-square-meter replica area that was pierced above the roof to bring light into the exhibition room and direct the viewer's eyes to the outside sky. In which the shade of the Raintree serves as both audio and visual for exhibition space. The exhibition room was placed under the shade of Raintree that has long been linked to the Moonler brand as the main raw material for their furniture. The design of this exhibition room is to emphasize the intention of Moonler brand to praise the value of local materials and craftsmanship. Awareness of the value of materials used to make furniture and vision to expand the realm of design dimension to more than furniture brand in the future.

December 05, 2019

Chamchuri Pavilion I Sher Maker
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