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10 Years Moonler

Chapter 01

Author: Ratthee Phaisanchotsiri

Photo: Rodtham Theeranith

The exhibition was held on Dec 8-16, 2018 - begins with the Thai word "Darakorn" (refers to the 'Constellation') to re-examining and reinterpreting past collections done by Moonler in order to inject fresh perspectives and explore possibilities with products that we are familiar with. Using the same materials, we aim to re-invent our products, weaving a new story that brings about the essence of materials in different aspects.

From the moon to the faraway universe, offer an alternative viewpoint of furniture designs that is of timeless simplicity. Together with the meticulous skills of local artisans, Moonler creates both sculptural furniture and functional sculptures - creations are characterized by timeless designs and quality materials that create a medley of emotions and ambiance, which is translated from its creators to the consumers.

Exhibited at Lanna Folklife Museum

November 29, 2018

Moonler 10th (1).JPG
Moonler 10th (2).JPG
Moonler 10th (9).jpg
Moonler 10th (7).JPG
Moonler 10th (3).JPG
Moonler 10th (4).JPG
Moonler 10th (6).JPG
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